Konsep Service Level Agreement

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SLA dibutuhkan jika dilihat dari sisi Penyedia layanan adalah sebagai jaminan atas service yang diberikan kepada klien, sehingga klien tersebut bisa puas atas layanan yang diberikan, dampak lain yang akan muncul dari sisi penyedia layanana adalah konsep pemasaran tradisional yaitu pemasaran dari mulut ke mulut , maksudnya adalah klien akan memberikan rekomendasi kepada temannya/ rekan lainnyawa layanan yang diberikan oleh sehingga berharap teman/ rekan lainnya mau berlangganan kepada provider/ penyedia layanan tersebut ⚡️☑️MEET THE REAL HACKERS☑️⚡️And Tears me Up Whenever we receive complaints from Clients About Their Experience With the Hackers They Met Before They Heard about us. These days there are a lot of hackers online, you just need to be careful who you meet for help, because a lot of people don`t know now who to ask for help, but there really is a real solution to what I give you for free, don`t go for the incompetent that I know you understand what I`m saying, like hackers with Gmail, Yahoomail and other cheaper email accounts that could be easily hacked ⚠️🚷, come think why kissing would want to use a real hacker to use a mailing service that brings its flaws? ❌❌ ❌ so you can see that they really aren`t the ones they say they are, they`re just here to rip people off, you can always identify them with their fake writing and fake testimonials to try to lure you into their arms.❌❌❌ and my advice really goes to you to find a real hacker, head up, so you don`t fall deep into their trap anymore.🚷⚠️⚠️⚠️☑️ COMPOSITE CYBER SECURITY SPECIALISTS is here to provide you with the best hackers, so you can be saved by fake hacker weapons❌❌☑️ 💻 Each member of our team is in its various niches with great skills, hacking strategies and positive online recommendations💻🛠☑️Wirs , certified ethical hackers, computer engineers, cybersecurity experts, private investigators and more on our team. Some of these specialists include ⭐️ DAWID CZAGAN⭐️ JACK CABLE ⭐️ Sean MELIA ⭐️ ARNE SWINNEN ⭐️und more. Some of the services we provide include: `Hacking` website 💻 Facebook and social media hacking 📲 hacking database, -Cleaning Blog🛠 Phone and Gadget Hacking 📲 – CREDIT CARD MISHAPS 💳 💥 Clearing of Criminal Records ❌ – RECOVERY of LOST FUNDS ON BINARY OPTIONS – CAPITAL INVESTMENTS💰 Location Tracking 📲 and more☑️ Our goal is to make your digital life safe, safe and stress-free. All you need to do is send us an email, and we will immediately assign you one of these hackers. ☑️ CONTACT: Composite.cybersecurity@protonmail.com🔘2020 © 🔘You want faster service? Contact us!🔘All rights reserved ®️ Proses yang sistematis, transparan dan terdokumentasi untuk memberikan umpan balik (feedback) terhadap performansi pelayanan berbasis model SERVQUAL (service quality), dimana output-nya adalah berupa Indeks Kepuasan Pelanggan (Internal/Ek Kamu bisa menentukan akan menggunakan SLA Yang Mana.

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