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About four out of five countries have IMF loans at least once. But the amount of outstanding credit and the number of borrowers have fluctuated considerably over time. Since 2004[update], bondholder countries have had a good track record in repaying loans under the IMF`s regular credit facilities at full maturity over the term of the loan. This indicates that the granting of IMF loans does not impose burdens on creditor countries, since recipient countries benefit from a market interest rate for the majority of their subscriptions in terms of quotas, as well as all subscriptions in own currency lent by the IMF and all reserve reserves they make available to the IMF. [18] The scientific consensus is that IMF decision-making is not just technocratic, but also driven by political and economic concerns. [146] The United States is the most powerful member of the IMF, and its influence extends even to decision-making on individual credit contracts. [147] In the past, the United States has openly opposed the loss of what Finance Minister Jacob Lew described in 2015 as the “leader” of the IMF and the “ability of the United States to develop international standards and practices.” [148] Funding gaps are further analyzed to identify the reasons for their existence. In general, funding is lacking because the potential costs or risks outweigh the potential benefits. Funding may be insufficient because the financial services provider or potential borrowers are unable to accurately determine the benefits of increased investment, or because the lender or borrower properly assesses the credit and investment risk. Analysis of funding shortfalls can inform donors of the type of intervention that may be needed and whether interventions should be on the financial side, on the corporate side or both. One of the challenges facing donors and governments is finding ways to support a value chain without compromising or ousted private sector solutions. Measures should aim to facilitate private sector solutions, address market failures and ensure a functional environment. The IMF was officially established on December 27, 1945, when the first 29 countries ratified their articles.

[35] By the end of 1946, the IMF had grown to 39 members. [36] On March 1, 1947, the IMF began its financial operations,[37] and on May 8, France was the first country to borrow money. [36] The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a multilateral agreement governing international trade. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization established on July 22, 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference and established on December 27, 1945, when 29 countries signed the IMF agreement. It originally had 45 members. The IMF`s stated objective was to stabilize exchange rates and support the reconstruction of the global payment system after World War II. Through a quota system, countries introduce money into a pool from which countries with payment imbalances can temporarily borrow funds. Through these and other activities, such as monitoring the economies and policies of its members, the IMF is working to improve the economies of its member countries.

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