Preferred Sales Agent Agreement

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Any communication relating to this sales agency agreement must be sent in person or by certification to the following addresses. In addition, the company may change prices, delivery fees, terms and conditions or delivery plans with 30 days before notification to the sales agency. These changes do not affect sales accepted before the notification date. All legal actions concerning this sales agency agreement will be executed in [Company.State], in addition, both parties agree to seek mediation before taking legal action. This sales agency agreement is concluded as of [the agreement. Date] between the following companies, collectively known as “parties,” and considered effective: PandaTip: The terms of this proposal grant all revenues from sales to your company, with the exception of commissions to the distribution agency. This section of the model defines the nature of these commissions and their method of calculation and payment. b) have a properly trained office and sales agent in the territory who welcomes the products; The receptive party may not disclose confidential information to the party who has disclosed it only to its staff members or contractors who are required to know this information. In addition, before disclosing this confidential information to such an employee or contractor, this staff member or contractor is informed of the confidentiality of the confidential information and establishes or is already bound by a confidentiality agreement with conditions that are in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement. The company will provide all necessary distribution training at regular intervals for the distribution agency and Agency staff, if deemed necessary. This agreement applies for two years from the date of this agreement.

The contract is automatically renewed at the end of each two-year period, unless a written notification of termination or change is submitted. Within 30 days of the entry into force of this distribution agency agreement, the company may assign the distribution agency an annual quota deemed fair and appropriate and will take into account previous sales, the economic condition of the area and possible additional market situations in the area. The distribution agency may not provide misleading or false information about products or companies in this distribution agency agreement. PandaTip: This section of the sales agency agreement model describes the process and procedure for sales and post-sale activities, including offers, support and collection of unpaid fees by end-users. After the termination date, this contract remains in effect for an additional three years, unless a party responds to a request for termination.

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