Unspoken Agreement Examples

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Staying the course with our agreements means applying these good practices in a consistent manner. The alternative is disastrous and costly. Believe me, I`ve seen it. I sometimes call it “the hypnosis of youth,” the things we learn early on, that become our opinion on how the world should work and how to play the game of life. And that is the beginning of the agreements that we are beginning to conclude with ourselves. Wouldn`t it be nice if we knew what all these unspoken agreements are? Would that not facilitate the conclusion of advantageous agreements and, if so, if we actually respect them? Communication breakdowns in agreements are so frequent that one would expect it. I do not think it is due to an erroneous attempt to understand or be understood. Most people desperately want to be understood even more than they want to agree. The reward of an organization that practices active listening and speaking around chords is very lively. A team synchronized with all members is a team capable of working with optimal strength. However, some people make the mistake of assuming that there was an agreement without direct consultation with the other party, so that things are never really confirmed.

For example, they assume that if they always remember the other person`s birthday, the other person always remembers his or her birthday. Or that if they always put the other person in front of themselves, they receive the same treatment in return. Fourth, clean up broken chords: no one is perfect, and sometimes you find yourself in a situation that prevents you from complying with your agreement. If this happens, take responsibility and make no apologies. If the agreements are broken, this can be an opportunity to re-engage in the team and ask the parties involved how you can do it properly. Try to find out all the underlying problems that contributed to the reason you broke the agreement. This will help you stay on track. An agreement is essentially a pact between two or more parties. Of course, you can always make a pact with yourself, but for now, we are talking more about social agreements. In an agreement, both sides promise to act in a particular way. People agree if all parties involved believe that particular behaviour would achieve a common goal.

In the sense of “establishment” there are some good practices for listening and speaking, to conclude clear and achievable agreements for all parties involved.

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