Month: January 2009

January 13 Pre-Season IPM Conference Call

1. A price increase for several disease control materials may necessitate more spray-thrifty management plans.
2. Reasons why many orchards had better scab control last season
3. Reasons why some growers had poor scab control last season
4. Special concerns with black rot and white rot due to last season’s hail

Invite:Heritage Orchard Restoration Workshop

Great Lakes Heirloom Fruit Conservation and Heritage Orchard Restoration Workshop
Friday, March 20th, 2009 from 9 am to 4 pm at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum (Madison)
Cost to attend is $25, and includes instruction, workshop materials, hands-on demonstration, bus transportation to the orchards and lunch. Questions and registration requests can be directed to Heidi Busse at—due date is March 1, 2009. Registration is limited to 25 participants.

MSU apple webinars

Technology keeps coming to the apple orchard. The latest is in the form of webinars, or live web seminars, offering apple growers an opportunity to learn what’s new in research and growing techniques from the comfort of their homes.