Month: July 2010

IPM Conference Call: July 13 Summary and Download

The July 13 IPM call included the following topics 1) Codling moth update, 2) Apple scab update, 3) San Jose Crawler discussion, 4) Japanese battle update, 5) Apple maggot discussion, and 6) Mites discussion. For more information and to download the recording, please continue reading.

No July 6 IPM Conference Call

The July 6 IPM conference is canceled for tomorrow. We will hold the call next week July 13. In the meantime we will contact the vendor to find a solution to the quality of the call. Have a good week and please contact us if you have any questions.
John Aue
Samuel Pratsch

IPM Conference Call: June 29 Summary and Download

Please note that the quality of the conference calls have been poor the last two calls. Samuel is returning from Venezuela on Monday, July 5th and will contact the vendor to correct the problems. To download the recording of the June 29 IPM call, please continue reading.

June 22 IPM Conference Call Notes

Due to the poor quality of the conference call on June 22, John has posted his notes of the call. For more information, please continue reading. Samuel is returning from Venezuela Monday July 5th and will look into why the quality of the last calls have been bad and how the vendor can improve them.