Month: April 2011

IPM Conference Calls 2011: April 26, Summary and Download

We had 24 callers on our April 26 call. In the call, John and UW-Madison plant pathologist Patty McManus discussed timing scab management efforts, early-year application rates, Strobilurins, powdery mildew, scouting strategies for apple flea weevil, sources of reliable help on scouting questions, and much more.

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IPM Conference Calls 2011: April 19 Summary and Download

Our first call of 2011! The April 19 call included discussion about diseases, pests, and management techniques specific to our cold Spring weather. Topics: 1) Cold-weather Apple scab risk and management; 2) Oil solutions in spray; 3) Scouting assignment – Lepidoptera, Scale, mites, aphids; 4) Weather-related tree stress and management; 5) Timing of nutrient boosts; 6) Warning about Neem formula.