Month: June 2012

IPM Conference Call: June 19, 2012

We weren’t able to get Larry Gut on this week (hopefully next week!), so we did another round of updates on a wide range of topics for growers to think about at this time of the season, with a focus on Codling moth and Apple maggot monitoring and control.

Sign up now! EcoApple Scouting Workshop Series: June 26, 28, 29

Exciting news! The IPM Institute, CIAS, and Threshold IPM will be putting on a series of hands-on scouting workshops in late June at three orchards around Wisconsin. The workshops are designed to teach participants specific scouting techniques for primary pests, secondary pests, and beneficials and learn how to apply those techniques in making critical orchard management decisions.

IPM Conference Call: June 12, 2012

It’s been a busy season on the conference calls. This week we took a breather of sorts and spent the hour discussing the current status of a range of insects and diseases with John. Download the recording, see the detailed list of call topics, and read the full transcript inside.