A Agreement For Sale Of Future Goods

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2. In the case of a contract to sell goods to be delivered in specified increments and to be paid separately, and if the seller makes defective deliveries for one or more tranches or if the buyer neglects the delivery or payment of one or more tranches, this is an issue that depends on the contractual terms and circumstances of the case or refuses , to take care of them or pay them, it is a question that depends on the contractual terms and circumstances of the case or refuses to take care of them or pay them. if the infringement is a rejection of the entire contract or if it is a separable offence, which constitutes a claim for compensation, but not a right to reject the entire contract. R.S., about 408, 33. (2) If, as part of the contract, the seller delivers the goods to the buyer or a leaseee designated by the buyer or to any other bailee, whether it is passed on to the buyer, and does not reserve the right to dispose of the goods, the seller is deemed unconditional to the goods in the contract. 45 Subject to this Law, the unpaid seller who has separated from the ownership of the goods has the right, subject to that law, to stop them from transitu, i.e. to repossess the goods while they are in transit and to keep them until the price is paid or auctioned. R.S., circa 408, 45. 11 (1) The price in a sales contract can be fixed by the contract, can be fixed in a manner so agreed or determined by the conduct of the transaction between the parties.

41 (1) Subject to this Act and a law in this area, notwithstanding the fact that ownership of the goods may have been transferred to the purchaser, the unpaid seller of the goods as such has, under the law (g) “future goods” intended to be manufactured or purchased by the seller at the request of the sale contract; (3) When the seller, through a sales contract, claims to be carrying out a current sale of future goods, the contract acts as a contract for the sale of the goods. R.S., about 408, 8. o) “guarantee,” an agreement on goods subject to a sale contract, but guarantees for the main purpose of such a contract, the violation of which creates a claim for compensation, but not the right to refuse the goods and treat the contract as rejected. R.S., about 408, 2. 35 If the seller of the goods undertakes to deliver it at his own risk in a place other than where they are at the time of the sale, the buyer must, however, bear, unless otherwise agreed, a risk of deterioration of the goods which necessarily occurs on the transit. R.S., circa 408, 35. 33 (1) Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser of the goods is not required to accept delivery in tranches. 38 Unless otherwise agreed, if the goods are delivered to the buyer and the buyer refuses to accept it, the buyer is not obliged to return it to the seller, but it is sufficient for the buyer to tell the seller that he refuses to accept it.

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