Since 2000, the Wisconsin Eco-Fruit Project has helped growers interested in reducing pesticide risk apply Integrated Pest Management. Learning IPM is no small task; the project gives growers the support they need over multiple growing seasons to learn the scouting, monitoring, and sampling techniques necessary for a successful IPM regimen. Eco-Fruit is a project of a partnership with the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association, the IPM Institute of North America, and the UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, .

With few fruit IPM experts in Wisconsin, the Eco-Fruit Project relies on one private consultant to advise most network growers. This consultant’s availability during the pest management season is a limiting factor for growers who want to reduce pesticide risk. To extend our consultant’s expertise to the ever-growing number of fruit growers interested in applying IPM, we coordinate weekly conference calls for berry growers and apple growers during the growing season. These weekly conference calls with our consultant provide you with time-sensitive information on pest management.The calls are archived on Apple Talk, where you can also find  information on events, research and other information for growers.

Starting in 2014, conference calls will be fee-for-service. AppleTalk calls begin in April and run through August. A subscription to the weekly call and blog is $125 for the season and an annual blog-only subscription is $65.  Personal long-distance phone charges to connect to the calls may apply.  The blog includes access to call recordings and transcripts from each weekly call and includes archived information on previous eco-apple calls dating back to 2006.

To reach this page, you registered with the project. If you know of someone else who might want to participate, or if you have questions about the site or the conference calls, contact Peter Werts, IPM Institute,  at 608-232-1410 or pwerts@ipminstitute.org.

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