Rental Agreement With No Smoking Clause

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I`m a landlord, my neighbor lives in a private rental. Both inmates are heavy smokers. As a family of five, we cannot enjoy our garden or wash them because of the constant smell of cigarettes. Can I contact the owner and complain about a waste of time? “smoking,” inhalation, inhalation, inhalation, incineration or wearing a lit or heated cigar, cigarette or pipe, or other tobacco products or plants lit or heated for inhalation, including hookahs and marijuana, natural or synthetic, in any way or form; The term “smoking” includes the use of an electronic smoke device that produces aerosol or vapor in any way or in any form. It`s not true. Smoke damaged furniture carpet curtains etc. Why would the owner accept his disgusting bad habit? Let`s be honest, the rooms stink and the smokers stink. Get a lower quality property, where it is allowed to smoke, or better yet save us from the smell and stop. Owners are aware of bad odours and damage to a cabin caused by a regular smoking habit. But on the other hand, there are still a lot of smokers out there, and a tolerant attitude to cigarettes will open up a landlord up to the maximum number of potential tenants.

It is forbidden to smoke substances in the establishment. If smoking on site: 1) Tenant is responsible for all damage caused by smoking, including, but not limited to, stains, burns, odors and removal of dirt; 2) Tenant in violation of this agreement; 3) Tenants, guests and others may be asked to leave the premises; and 4) Tenant recognizes that to remove the smell caused by smoking, the owner can replace the carpet and curtains and paint all the premises, regardless of when they have been cleaned, replaced or repainted. Such measures and other necessary measures have an impact on the return of a surety. As a tenant for 6 years, I have lived in many houses that have the no-smoking clause in the lease, but I still decided to smoke in the dwellings. At the end of the day, the law only says that it is illegal to smoke inside a public place, all my former owners never mentioned that they were melting smoke in the dwelling. I think those who are not smokers are just agitated, because back when it was allowed to smoke everywhere, I`ve never heard people complain like now. To be honest, the law should be struck down, because there is more trade, it is allowed to smoke everywhere. Please publish the non-smoking information. He has just added to our tenant lease. Not much! Start with the possession procedure, but as you say, things have changed according to covid. You can also join the forum.

However, the applicability of this clause is another problem. If the landlord is satisfied that a tenant has smoked without their permission; They must first gather evidence of it. Just to say that the space smelled like a “smoked bit” probably won`t cut it in front of a dish! To dislodge a tenant for these reasons, a landlord would have to be in possession with one of the improper grounds of possession such as Ground 12: the tenant has breached one or more conditions of the tenancy agreement, with the exception of the tenancy obligation. However, this is one of the grounds for possession if the court has discretion as to whether or not to grant a property order to an owner. I`m a smoker and I rent privately. There is nothing in our rental agreement that states that I can`t smoke in the accommodation…. But I have two young children and I have never smoked around them since they were born, so I make the choice not to smoke in the accommodation. All these negative comments most likely from the house that it “not our house” is really angry, as I can tell you, this is the most annoying thing about private rental knowing that you never have security and risk being evacuated for no reason at any time.

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