What Is A Hosting Services Agreement

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Another optional schedule includes an acceptable use policy, which contains detailed rules regarding what content can be processed using hosting services and how hosting services can be used. The services are made up of the website hosting package with the specific configuration that you have selected or will select via the service interface while you are using the services. You recognize and understand that significant service restrictions (including bandwidth limitations and other capacity matrixes), prices (including the pricing of optional services, such as automatic capacity upgrades in the event of overruns), service duration, payment terms and other service-related conditions are transmitted through the service interface and are included in this agreement. TERMINATION OF SERVICE BY Client If the customer decides to terminate the hosting contract with iQWeb Solutions, a written email notification or regular email is required. After receiving this notification, iQWeb Solutions confirms that the notification has been received in a response. If the customer terminates the web hosting contract, the down payment will not be refunded for the remaining months. LAWFUL PURPOSE Client will only use iQWeb Solutions hardware and services for legitimate purposes and the customer will not store or provide user content or content or links to material contrary to foreign, federal or local law. If iQWeb Solutions finds that the customer has violated any of the above laws, iQWeb Solutions may, at its choice, remove the user`s content or content in the event of an infringement, immediately terminate hosting the customer`s website and/or notify the authorities. When hosting is complete, iQWeb Solutions may resume hosting at its sole discretion if the client`s right to use the user`s content or content is properly displayed under the requirements. Your use of the Services may be suspended and/or terminated if we discover that you are violating the terms of this Agreement or any other agreement that you and we have entered into. In the event of termination or suspension of services in such circumstances, you agree a) that no fee will be refunded to you in advance and (b) that we may take control of any domain name related to terminated services, provided that this domain name has been registered by our services. You understand that taking control of a domain name, but is not limited to actions such as.B. list us as a “declarant” and/or “administrative contact” for the domain name and control of the DNS settings for the domain name.

CONTENTS PROPERTY, RESPECT – DISPUTE All user content and content stored by the customer on the computers on the iQWeb Solutions server remains the customer`s property at all times. The customer grants iQWeb Solutions a non-exclusive global license for user content and content only to the extent necessary for iQWeb Solutions to host the site. Customers can only download related content from their website.

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